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EMustru: An English Tutor

Learn English Vocabulary and Writing

      The book "Learn English Vocabulary and Writing" accompanying the Emustru software, explains how you can create your own custom quizzes to learn vocabulary, spelling, grammar, and writing.

Download the software for the book here.

The book explains in detail how an automatic essay evaluator works and includes a sample essay evaluator to help you tune your essays for higher scores. All the software used in EMustru is open source and is free.

EMustru is an English tutor written in Php and Java using Lucene, Lingpipe, WordNet, and the Google Web Toolkit . You can improve your spelling, vocabulary, sentence contruction, and evaluate essays using Emustru. Add your own word lists or texts to customize Emustru.

The EMustru project was started in June 2008 to build an open source English tutor that could be customized to local requirements and sources.


  • Web based interface to create accounts, load word lists, and run quizzes.
  • Customized learning based on individual progress.
  • Dynamic generation of quizzes based on past performance.
  • Learn spelling, vocabulary, grammar, and sentence construction .
  • Evaluate essays on a grade of 1 (Poor) to 6 (Excellent)
  • Add your own word lists or texts to customize Emustru quizzes.
  • Easy Web based installation

Check the requirements before installation.



Try the Demo


  • Open source software including Lucene, LingPipe, Google Web toolkit, FreeTTS (text to speech), JFreeChart, and MySql.
  • Data Sources including WordNet, Reuters Collection, Project Gutenberg, the CBSE Web site, the Brown Corpus, and the Unix Dictionary.
  • Funding for this project was provided by:

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