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EMustru: Overview

EMustru is a Web based English tutor with the following features -

  • Over 150K sentences and 10K words from Project Gutenberg, the Reuters Collection, and the Brown Corpus.
  • Add your own word list and sentences to customize Emustru.
  • Web based installation to load MySQL tables and create accounts.
  • Learn spelling using FreeTTS text to speech software.
  • Learn vocabulary using meanings of words from WordNet.
  • Learn sentence construction from words missing in sentences.
  • Evaluate short essays of about 300-400 words.

Essay Evaluation

The Essay evaluation function was added in version 0.2. It includes a grammar checker and a spell checker. The grammar checker is a statistical checker that evaluates text against several thousands of patterns found in the Brown Corpus.

The grammar checker has been evaluated against a sample corpus of 100 sentences with an accuracy rate of 0.8.


EMustru runs on Linux and Windows. It is written in Java, PhP, and Javascript and uses several jar files that are included in the distribution.

  • Java Run Time (JRE) Java 2 Version 5.0
  • Apache Web Server 2.0+
  • MySQL version 5.0+
  • PhP version 5.0+

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